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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1984 Topps Base Set353Craig, Roger22 $0.18
Buy it Today1984 Topps Stickers66Craig/Rohn St, Roger2 $0.66
Buy it Today1985 Topps Base Set151Craig, Roger48 $0.18
Buy it Today1986 McDonald's All-Stars Black33Craig, Roger11 $0.29
Buy it Today1986 Topps 1000 Yard Club22Craig, Roger24 $0.18
Buy it Today1986 Topps Base Set157Craig, Roger53 $0.18
Buy it Today1987 Topps Base Set113Craig, Roger70 $0.18
Buy it Today1987 Topps Stickers63Craig/Randy, Roger15 $0.18
Buy it Today1987 Wheaties Mini Posters9Craig, Roger1 $1.50
Buy it Today1988 Topps 1000 Yard Club19Craig, Roger45 $0.18
Buy it Today1988 Topps Base Set40Craig, Roger80 $0.18
Buy it Today1988 Topps Sticker Backs7Craig, Roger1 $0.18
Buy it Today1989 Panini Stickers165Craig, Roger2 $0.18
Buy it Today1989 Pro Set Base Set372Craig, Roger184 $0.18
Buy it Today1989 Score Base Set4Craig, Roger40 $0.18
Buy it Today1989 Score Base Set297Craig, Roger32 $0.18
Buy it Today1989 Topps 1000 Yard Club3Craig, Roger189 $0.18
Buy it Today1989 Topps American/UK27Craig, Roger3 $0.49
Buy it Today1989 Topps Base Set8Craig, Roger75 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Action Packed Base Set242Craig, Roger25 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Fleer Base Set5Craig, Roger122 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Fleer Stars and Stripes51Craig, Roger23 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Kenner Starting Lineup Cards9Craig, Roger2 $1.75
Buy it Today1990 Kenner Starting Lineup Cards9ACraig, Roger1 $2.00
Buy it Today1990 Panini Stickers353Craig, Roger4 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Pro Set Base Set287Craig, Roger192 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Pro Set Base Set385Craig, Roger197 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Pro Set Collect-A-Books20Craig, Roger31 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Pro Set Super Bowl 160 (1-111)39Craig, Roger18 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Score 100 Hottest9Craig, Roger1 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Score Base Set100Craig, Roger165 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Score Base Set329Craig, Roger141 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Topps 1000 Yard Club28Craig, Roger67 $0.18
Buy it Today1990 Topps Base Set12Craig, Roger78 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Action Packed Base Set250Craig, Roger18 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Action Packed Rookie Update78Craig, Roger34 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Pacific Base Set601Craig, Roger26 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Pinnacle Base Set25Craig, Roger29 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Pro Line Portraits197Craig, Roger57 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Pro Set Base Set21Craig, Roger106 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Pro Set Platinum210Craig, Roger48 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Score Base Set222Craig, Roger96 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Score Supplemental7Craig, Roger8 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Stadium Club Base Set146Craig, Roger49 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Topps Base Set2Craig, Roger40 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Topps Base Set90Craig, Roger36 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Ultra Update41Craig, Roger21 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Upper Deck Base Set143Craig, Roger135 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Upper Deck Base Set542Craig, Roger36 $0.18
Buy it Today1991 Wild Card Base Set35Craig, Roger90 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 All World Base Set164Craig, Roger31 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 Collector's Edge Base Set245Craig, Roger13 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 GameDay Base Set293Craig, Roger21 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 Pacific Base Set147Craig, Roger17 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 Pro Set Base Set565Craig, Roger19 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 Score Base Set171Craig, Roger11 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 Topps Base Set511Craig, Roger18 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 Upper Deck Base Set500Craig, Roger82 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 Wild Card Base Set254Craig, Roger17 $0.18
Buy it Today1992 Wild Card Running Wild11Craig, Roger1 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Fleer Base Set81Craig, Roger28 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 GameDay Base Set250Craig, Roger6 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Pacific Base Set74Craig, Roger5 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Playoff Base Set153Craig, Roger26 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Pro Set Base Set257Craig, Roger11 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 SkyBox Impact194Craig, Roger22 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 SkyBox Impact351Craig, Roger23 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 SkyBox Premium244Craig, Roger17 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 SP Base Set156Craig, Roger33 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Base Set197Craig, Roger46 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Topps Base Set118Craig, Roger71 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Topps Fantasports59Craig, Roger2 $0.35
Buy it Today1993 Ultra Base Set269Craig, Roger17 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Upper Deck Base Set341Craig, Roger47 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Wild Card Base Set192Craig, Roger10 $0.18
Buy it Today1993 Wild Card Superchrome192Craig, Roger1 $0.25
Buy it Today1994 Finest Base Set181Craig, Roger15 $0.18
Buy it Today1994 Pacific Base Set151Craig, Roger2 $0.18
Buy it Today1995 Upper Deck Joe Montana Box Set43Craig, Roger1 $0.25
Buy it Today1997 Fleer Million Dollar Moments31Craig, Roger28 $0.18
Buy it Today1997 Upper Deck Legends92Craig, Roger15 $0.18
Buy it Today1997 Upper Deck Legends202Craig, Roger26 $0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated Autographs32Craig, Roger1 $8.00
Buy it Today2000 Fleer Greats of the Game21Craig, Roger44 $0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Legends72Craig, Roger26 $0.18
Buy it Today2001 Donruss Classics192Craig (SP), Roger1 $2.00
Buy it Today2001 Topps Archives73Craig ('84), Roger23 $0.18
Buy it Today2001 Topps Archives130Craig ('93), Roger15 $0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Throwbacks14Craig, Roger9 $0.18
Buy it Today2003 Donruss Classics142Craig, Roger1 $2.00
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Greats of the Game53Craig, Roger19 $0.18
Buy it Today2004 Topps Fan Favorites73Craig, Roger37 $0.18
Buy it Today2004 Upper Deck Legends Legendary SignaturesLSRCCraig, Roger2 $12.00
Buy it Today2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear Performers Gold43Craig, Roger2 $0.25
Buy it Today2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars Great American Heroes RedGAH22Craig, Roger1 $3.00
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck Legends2Craig, Roger63 $0.18
Buy it Today2006 Press Pass Legends Base Set B/W65Craig, Roger5 $0.60
Buy it Today2006 Upper Deck Legends41Craig, Roger56 $0.18
Buy it Today2007 Donruss Classics141Craig, Roger1 $1.99
Buy it Today2007 Donruss Classics Legendary Players Bronze18Craig, Roger2 $0.79
Buy it Today2007 Leaf Limited181Craig, Roger1 $2.50
Buy it Today2008 Donruss Threads Century Legends9Craig, Roger3 $0.95
Buy it Today2008 Donruss Threads Generations5Craig/Frank G, Roger6 $0.40
Buy it Today2008 Leaf Limited176Craig, Roger2 $0.99
Buy it Today2008 Press Pass Legends72Craig, Roger7 $0.18
Buy it Today2008 Press Pass Legends Bowl Edition Institutional IconsII3Craig/Tommie, Roger1 $4.00
Buy it Today2008 SP Rookie Edition381Craig, Roger3 $1.00
Buy it Today2008 SP Rookie Edition423Craig, Roger1 $3.50
Buy it Today2008 Topps Chrome DynastiesDYNRCRCraig, Roger25 $0.18
Buy it Today2008 Topps DynastiesDYNRCRCraig, Roger15 $0.18
Buy it Today2008 Upper Deck Heroes240Craig, Roger28 $0.18
Buy it Today2008 Upper Deck Heroes241Craig, Roger34 $0.18
Buy it Today2008 Upper Deck Heroes242Craig, Roger39 $0.18
Buy it Today2008 Upper Deck Icons Legendary Icons GoldLI14Craig, Roger1 $1.50
Buy it Today2008 Upper Deck Icons NFL LegendsLEG22Craig, Roger1 $1.00 is not affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) or the Minnesota Vikings Baseball Club. Images and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and copyright of their respective manufacturers. They are presented here for entertainment and informational purposes only.